luiz castro

Photos from the Newest Trick in the Book

Last night, I was asked to fill in on The Newest Trick in the Book, the magic-centric open mic hosted each week at See Scape by The Toronto Magic Company and hosted by the magician, neologist and swallower of long phallic-shaped objects Jonah Babins. I was on stage with Luiz Castro, David Fulde, Christian Mascia and Jason Palter

I got some wonderful photos to share courtesy of David Fulde.

There are two shows left before the end of the year. (I’m scheduled to appear on December 4 with a trick I’ve never performed before.) They’re free to attend but have limited seating, so you can reserve a spot in advance.

Goldfinger - a new eBook

For those interested in sleight of hand with coins, one of my favourite tricks with coins was recently published in an eBook edited by John McLachlan. When I say favourite, I mean favourite! This is probably the the piece I currently perform more often than any other when I'm doing close up magic.   Goldfinger: Stand Up Coin Mysteries features contributions from magicians from the Toronto area including Luiz Castro, Ariel Frailich, John McLachlan, Mysterion the Mindreader, David Peck and Phil Pivnick. The focus of the book is coin magic that can be done without the work of a table. If you're taking time off before the new year and want something to read and some material to practice, check it out.


118 Pages, PDF, $25 - available from