Chris Mayhew

Photos from The Show Before The Snow

Last week, I took part in a special year-end show put on by The Toronto Magic Company to celebrate the holidays and the end of another season of their open mic show, The Newest Trick In The Book. Over twelve magicians appeared including Marc Correia, Keith Brown, Jonah Babins, Ben Train, James Harrison, Ryan Brown, Glenn West, Chris Mayhew, Leigh Beadon and Edward Gabreal.

I got a few photos of myself courtesey of David J. Fulde.

The Endless Chain

On Tuesday night, I gave an impromptu performance at The Newest Trick In The Book, put on by the Toronto Magic Company and hosted by the charming Jonah Babins. I had just come from another event and had been asked to step in for another performer who couldn’t make it. You can see photos from the event from David Fulde here).

Toronto’s magic video elf Chris Mayhew shared the video of that performance:

The Endless Chain is an old crooked gambling game. As Whit Hayden and Chef Anton described in their monograph on the subject, the most difficult thing to do while presenting the Chain is to convince people that it’s actually possible to win.

Normally it’s presented as a piece of close-up magic (and you can imagine it would be much clearer if you could be sitting around watching the chain from above). But from the composition of the rest of the show, which was heavy on card magic, I opted to switch to this, literally on the walk up as I was being introduced. But it felt true to the rules of the Newest Trick as it’s something I’ve never performed in that setting before.

Photos from The Newest Trick in the Book

Toronto’s lighthearted, warm fun and friendly magic open-mic night returned form its summer break last night at the newly moved and renovated See-Scape. You can see the new, expanded stage in some of the lovely photos from David Fulde.

I was invited to appear on the first show of the season with Chris Mayhew, Harry Zimmerman, Graeme “Graemazing” Reed and the lovely and charming host Jonah Babins.

The show continues weekly through to December and is a wonderful (free) opportunity to see magicians experiment, take risks and walk outside their comfort zones.

The Newest Trick In The Book

Tuesday night, I’ll be appearing on The Newest Trick In The Book, a free show put on by the aptly named “Toronto Magic Company”. I’ll be appearing alongside Chris Mayhew, Harry Zimmerman and James Harrison. The show is hosted by the adorable and inventive Jonah Babins, who is inventing his own special version of English so quickly, it’s astonishing.

The show is free to attend but with limited seating. You can reserve tickets at the link below to be guaranteed a spot.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 8:30 PM
SeeScape (374 Keele Street, Toronto)

See Scape is a fabulous nerd bar which has just finished renovating their brand new location. In addition to the show, you can stay to enjoy food, drinks video- and board-games.


Photos from the Newest Trick in the Book

Tuesday night I was on The Newest Trick in the Book, a weekly open mic magic show put on by the Toronto Magic Company and hosted by the adorably wacky* Jonah Babins. Here are some photos from the event courtesy of TMC.

Newest Trick is a weekly show and all are welcome

*Jonah would prefer I use the term "wackadoo" but I can't bring myself to do it.

Back to the Newest Trick in the Book

On Tuesday, May 1, I'll be appearing on The Newest Trick In The Book. This is a weekly show put on by the Toronto Magic Company, hosted by Jonah Babins

Newest Trick Toronto

This is a magic show not quite like any other. The rule is that performers have to showcase brand new material. Which means either the opportunity to see something special for the first time ever... or the opportunity to see something crash and burn horrendously. Either way, special. 

See Scape
2840 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 @ 8:30 PM

I'll be appearing alongside Chris Mayhew, Sawyer Bullock and Daniel Lawson. This is an absolutely free event to attend. Although it can get quite full and you can reserve a free ticket by going to the Toronto Magic Company website.