The Newest Trick in the Book

Tomorrow night, I'll be taking part in a fun pay-what-you-can event in Toronto called The Newest Trick in the Book

This is a weekly event put on by the Toronto Magic Company. A group of magicians get together for a show which only has one rule: new material only. This is the magic community's safe place to play and experiment with new ideas, and it's a place to see things never before seen. 

I'll be appearing with Jonah Babins, William West, Ryan Brown and Leigh Beadon

The event is entirely pay-what-you-feel-like. If you're free, please join us at:

1840 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 8:30 PM

The event is usually quite full, so come early and grab yourself a good seat! See-Scape is also a video game bar, so after the show is done, you can indulge in some good old fashioned Mario. Start at 8-bit and work your way up!