Leigh Beadon

Photos from The Show Before The Snow

Last week, I took part in a special year-end show put on by The Toronto Magic Company to celebrate the holidays and the end of another season of their open mic show, The Newest Trick In The Book. Over twelve magicians appeared including Marc Correia, Keith Brown, Jonah Babins, Ben Train, James Harrison, Ryan Brown, Glenn West, Chris Mayhew, Leigh Beadon and Edward Gabreal.

I got a few photos of myself courtesey of David J. Fulde.

The Newest Trick in the Book

Tomorrow night, I'll be taking part in a fun pay-what-you-can event in Toronto called The Newest Trick in the Book

This is a weekly event put on by the Toronto Magic Company. A group of magicians get together for a show which only has one rule: new material only. This is the magic community's safe place to play and experiment with new ideas, and it's a place to see things never before seen. 

I'll be appearing with Jonah Babins, William West, Ryan Brown and Leigh Beadon

The event is entirely pay-what-you-feel-like. If you're free, please join us at:

1840 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 8:30 PM

The event is usually quite full, so come early and grab yourself a good seat! See-Scape is also a video game bar, so after the show is done, you can indulge in some good old fashioned Mario. Start at 8-bit and work your way up!