Jeff Hinchliffe

Newest Trick in the Book - July 30

A little bit of a last minute announcement. I’ve been conscripted to host The Newest Trick In The Book, a weekly show put on by the Toronto Magic Company.

The concept of the show is to provide a safe space for magical experimentation, trying and testing out new material that is still under development. (In much the same way that comedy clubs host open mic nights.) True to form, I’ll be showing off something new, and joined on stage by magicians Jeff Hinchliffe, Rob Testa, Dan Stapleton, LEO and Ajay. One of those has been performing magic since before I was born. Another one, I’ve been doing magic since before he was born. So we’re covering the entire spectrum.

This is a pay-what-you-feel-like show hosted at Toronto’s nerd-bar See-Scape (Keele & Dundas, Toronto). We have limited seating so you can reserve tickets at the link below.

Tuesday, July 30 - 8:30 PM
347 Keel Street, Toronto


The Newest Trick in the Book

This week, I’ll be appearing on The Newest Trick In The Book, a weekly show put on by the Toronto Magic Company. I’ll be appearing along with Jeff Hinchliffe, Sean Rooney, Harry Zimmerman and TMC Founder Ben Train.

Tickets are free to reserve . This is a pay-what-you-feel show. The only rule is it must be brand new material, never performed before. So there is the possibility that everything will go horribly wrong and nothing in the show will work. What fun!

When: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 8:30 PM

Where: See-Scape, 347 Keel Street, Toronto


A Series of Unfortunate Effects

A few years ago, I found out about a strange magic project; a hybrid between a magic instructional video and normal human movie. (Both magic instructional videos and normal human movies have a rich history, but so far as we've been able to figure, the twain have not previously met.) Finally, the project has been shot, edited, package and the producers are having a public screening at the end of this month. Series_Poster_PROMO(17x24)-2 copy

A Series of Unfortunate Effects Tuesday, April 29, 2014 @ 7:00 PM The Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles)

Tickets are available from You can also head there to Pre-Order the DVD.

I won't actually be at the screening, since it's the same night as Magic@theCage, but we are hosting the after party at The Cage, so I'll be there for that. The interesting part is that almost all of the cast has performed at The Cage at one point or another including Chris Mayhew, Ben Train, Chris Westfall, Jeff Hinchliffe and Canadian Magician of the Year Bill Abbott. We'll see how many of them we can talk into performing, possibly while drunk.

It's also the night before Vincent Hedan's show, The Wish, so make sure you have your tickets for that as well.