Magic Tonight

A Secret Magic Party

Last night at NightOwl in downtown Toronto, a group of magicians hosted a super secret invitation only magic show... which they then blabbed about because magicians are far worse at keeping secrets than you might think. 

A newly minted magic company, aptly named Toronto Magic Company, helmed by Jonah Babbins and Ben Train (who has made many appearances on this blog) wants to carve out a space for young and aspiring performers to share their magic with a broader live audience. It's much in the same vein that Magic Tonight was for nearly three years and Friday Night Magic was before that.

I was asked if I would get really dressed up and do just one trick along with a group of eight magicians for a standing room only crowd. Here are some photos from the party provided by Eli Green. For discerning viewers: Yes, that is supposed to be Justin Bieber. For slightly more discerning viewers: Yes, that is a roasted chicken... Magicians are weird.

Magic Tonight Returns

After a very long hiatus, I'm delighted to announce a special instalment of Magic Tonight

What eventually, after more name changes than a reasonable human could be expected to keep track of, became known as James Alan's Magic Tonight was a show that ran in downtown Toronto for twenty-eight months. It was a variety show. A long list of friends and colleagues (and the occasional special guest from out of town) would perform with me, creating a show that was never quite exactly the same from one week to the next. And when magicians get together, we really have a lot of fun!

The show has been on hiatus for about a year. Our last performance was February, 2016 — almost exactly one year ago. During that break, I've been busy with other projects, including my new show, Magic & Martini. Now, by special arrangement with the Soul City Social Club and the Social Capital Theatre, we're back teaming up for one more night of magic, Saturday, June 17, 2017.

I'll be joined by James Harrison, Canada's foremost theatrical pickpocket, and the delightfully charming and indescribably zany Rob Testa (a man who possesses no setting between off and eleven.)

The Social Capital Theatre
154 Danforth (@ Broadview)

7:30 PM - Doors Open
8:00 PM - Showtime

Tickets $20